US Best Regions to Grow Grapes and Make Wine

Many scholars and researchers agree that wine could be the drink of the gods. It was a highly preferred libation of choice in the ancient Near East and Mediterranean. From cooking to medicine, it plays a very significant role.

Today, the world enjoys a wide variety of fine wines from all over the world. The US even has wines known all throughout the world. Wine has gained popularity over the years in America. From parties to simple dinners, it has found its place on the American table. Wine has gone big! And so has wine tourism.

While wine tourism is considered a pastime for many, others want to take their love for wines further. Some want to venture out into viticulture and winemaking. If you are one of these people and you’re looking for the best location for starting your winery feat, here are the best wine regions across the country.

Western Colorado

The Western slope region of Colorado has the perfect climate to cultivate certain kinds of grapes. The weather, paired with the land’s high elevation, enables viticulturists to produce high-quality grapes to make the finest wines.

Vineyards in this area are mostly family-owned. Because of this, the atmosphere of these places is more subtle and rustic. The beautiful rural community makes it a great place not just to grow grapes and make wine, but to raise a family as well.

Napa Valley and Sonoma County, California

Wine originating from the Napa Valley and Sonoma is some of the best wines in the world. The biggest American wines are all in Napa. With that being said, Napa produces four percent of all the juice nationwide. This is dubbed as the ‘ Vegas of Wine.’ This wine region is famous for tourists who want to have a great time, from limousine wine tours to bachelorette parties. This flock of tourists means good wine business.

The Western Sonoma Region also produces really high-quality wines that make its way to the poshest restaurants all over the world. Historical wineries, breweries and antique shops dot this area. But what do these two regions in the Cali state have in common why that are so famous for their wines?

The combination of perfect weather, geography, and geology make the region ideal for viticulture and winemaking. These factors mimic that of the Mediterranean region that is conducive to growing the finest grapes for winemaking.

Finger Lakes, New York

The Empire State does boast of a lot of things, winemaking included. New York’s southern region is a sommelier’s haven. Finger Lakes now has 100 wineries in the area.  This place is not crowded by developers and tourists yet. The East Coast winemaking industry is flourishing and is continuing to produce better fine wines over the years.

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