All About SARE’s Farmer Rancher Grant Program


If you are a farmer that is looking to improve your system, you may have the help you need with the Farmer Rancher Grant Program.

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The North Central Region SARE offers multiple grant opportunities to help ranchers make their farm run as efficient as possible. This competitive program provides grants for farmers and ranchers that want to add sustainable solutions to their farm. The grants cover a variety of topics including pest control, increasing crop production, enhancing livestock, enhancing soil quality, improving energy efficiency and more.

How to Get a SARE Grant

Interested farmers must write a grant proposal to put their name in the running for the grant. The grant proposal should include the goal for your project and any research you have done that could help with the project’s success.

You have many resources at your disposal to help you determine the right projects to choose. At the very least, the SARE is there to help answer questions and even help you come up with ideas. They can help you research previously funded projects as well as learn about sustainable agriculture.

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Details of the Grants

The grants may vary in amount and type, but following are the most common details that you should know:

  • You can get an individual grant up to $9,000
  • You can apply for a team grant (two people) of up to $18,000
  • You can apply for a group grant for a total of $27,000
  • The project can take up to 24 months to complete
  • The grant is meant for farmers that are going to enhance their farm’s profitability, lower their energy consumption, or protect natural resources

You can apply for the SARE grant online. You can also find more information about it by visiting the North Central SARE online.

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