How to Use the Help of Your Local Cooperative Extension


Did you know that the services of your local cooperative extension are often free? They can help your small agricultural business succeed – but you have to seek out their services. The services are provided by the tax dollars that you pay along with some state grant money.

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Keep reading to learn just how your cooperative may be able to help you.

Learn About Agriculture

If you are in the agriculture business, chances are you know something about farming, but there are always things to learn. The cooperative extension focuses on small-scale farmers, giving you advice, tips, and it helps you learn the latest techniques available to make your farming venture a success. Whether you attend class, obtain some light reading, attend a workshop, or talk to a professional, there are many educational opportunities available to you.

Find Grants

Are you looking for grants to help you fund your small farm? Look no further than your local cooperative extension. They have the latest resources and information regarding any grants that may apply to you. They do the hard work in finding the grants – you just have to apply for them. In fact, they will even help you with that part of the process too.

You may find grants from the USDA, state-specific grants, and grants from the National Resources Conservation Service. Whether you need a grant for research, education, or for working capital, chances are you will find what you need here. All it takes is talking with a professional at your local cooperative to match you up with the available grants.

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Get Help With Your Farm

Are you having a specific problem with your farm that you don’t know how to solve? Whether it’s a specific crop or you find your farm has been infested by a specific pest, your local cooperative extension can help. Bring the professionals there as much evidence or information as you can and together you can figure out the best steps to take.

Some local programs allow you to upload pictures right to the cooperative where they can see firsthand what you are dealing with, while others require you to come into the office. Whichever method they require, make sure you use this resource as it can help you make the most of your farm.

Meet Other Farmers

What better way to get the information you need than to converse with other farmers? If you don’t know anyone in the area, your local cooperative is a great place to meet them. Everyone comes together in this like-minded place to help you find the information you need. It’s a great place to network, get ideas, and just be with people that have the same hobbies and career that you have.

In exchange for the advice that you receive, you may even be able to provide others with advice. That might seem strange if you are just starting out, but everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. You can figure out how you can help one another so that everyone can have a successful farm in the area.

Whether you are looking for advice, want to give advice, or need help with funding, your local cooperative extension is the perfect place to start. They can provide you with resources that you will not find anywhere else. Even if you think you don’t need any help, reaching out to other like-minded farmers in the area can help you stay motivated, up-to-date, and excited about your farming career.

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