Understanding Urban Farming

When you think of farming, you probably think of wide open farm fields on many acres. Urban farming paints a different picture. It’s farming in highly populated areas rather than in the middle of the country. Urban agriculture has the same need as rural agriculture as it’s created for commercial purposes.

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Anyone can start an urban farm. One person, a group of people, or even a nonprofit entity can start one. Urban farms sell their food to stores, restaurants, local farmers markets, or even local nonprofits, such as food pantries. Basically, the farm starts with a ‘farmer’ and ends up in the hands of the consumer or user.

Why is Urban Farming Important?

As the food system becomes more well-known and consumers become more involved in what they consume, more people want a piece of the action in creating the food. Consumers want a say in what food is grown and where it’s grown. It gives the food industry a wider bandwidth of farmers and foods to choose from to keep things local.

Urban farming helps bring us back to the roots of locally grown food. Knowing how the food grew, where it originated, and how it fares in certain seasons are all part of what makes urban farming so important. It helps bring the farmer and the consumer together, bringing back the culture of food back to the community.

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Where Does Urban Farming Take Place?

Urban can mean many things including within a large city, inner city, or even the outer skirts of the city. Urban farming can take place on vacant land, landfills, and even rooftops. Cities around the United States are giving up park land to give farmers a place to start urban farming.

What are the Benefits of Urban Farming?

Urban farming has many benefits including:

  • Good for the environment
  • Beneficial for the health of the community
  • Provides greater access to food
  • Increase community closeness
  • Lowers transportation costs of moving foods
  • Improves the quality of air and soil in the area

Communities looking to grow healthy food, improve the environment, and enhance the community feeling should look into urban farming. It’s a great way to bring healthy food close to home while improving the environment for everyone around.

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