The Top Reasons to Consider an Agriculture or Farming Career

If you are thinking about a new career or about to head to college, there are two careers you may want to really consider – agriculture or farming. These careers have a promising future with no end in sight. After all, we all have to eat, right? There’s no amount of technology that can take away what a farmer can do, which is why this is a great career to have in your back pocket for a successful future.

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Keep reading to learn why you should consider this type of career for yourself.

The Farming Industry is in Need

The farming industry is about to face a shortage of farmers. As the Baby Boomers begin to retire, there will be many openings for new farmers. Now is the perfect time for farmers just starting out to get into farming. As the Baby Boomers retire, there will be more room for advancement, which means higher salaries and more work. People always need food so there will never be a shortage of a need for farmers.

The Job is Very Versatile

If you are worried about getting bored at the same job with the same duties every day, farming is the job for you. No two days look the same. The weather elements are just one of the many factors you’ll have to deal with, sometimes averting a crisis while other times dealing with an influx of crops and food ready to go. You have to have a lot of knowledge about all aspects of farming and be able to adapt to changing conditions from day-to-day.

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You Can Work for Yourself

The FSA provides several mortgage programs that make it easy to own your own farm, even with no down payment. The FSA Direct Farm Loan provides 100% financing for new farmers that have never owned a farm before. Yes, you will need experience as a farmer, but owning one is not a requirement to secure the funding. You can borrow up to $300,000 for a farm, which is just the right amount to get you started. As you gain experience and capital, you can begin to expand your farm and your earnings. Working for yourself means you don’t have a boss and you call the shots – it’s a dream come true for many people.

You Have Job Security

Like we mentioned above, people have to eat, which means you always have a job. Whether you work for yourself or someone else, there is always farming to be done. With the industry in high need of farmers, you can always find work available. It’s not a job that you are likely to be downsized or even fired from due to a lack of work.

It’s a Rewarding Job

Finally, farming is rewarding. You feed other people along with your own family. You work when you want and you may even help the environment. It’s a job with a lot of reward as you get out of it what you put into it.

If you are thinking about taking up farming, you are looking into a very rewarding career. Agriculture is something that will always be around and will always have a need. If you have an interest, there is definitely a career path out there for you.

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