Start Your Own Winery with a Viticulture Loan

Start Your Own Winery with a Viticulture Loan

Less known to many, winemaking is actually a very alive industry in the United States. Last year, it produced a total of $39.8 billion in sales. In fact, the states of California, Washington, Oregon, and New York are home to the country’s largest wineries. It’s an often overlooked shining spot in the agricultural tradition of the country with a rich history. And behind this silent glory is the science of winemaking.

The term is Viticulture

Viticulture is a branch of horticulture that deals with the study of grape cultivation. It concerns with the specific series of events that occur within the vineyard.

The position of a viticulturist is an important one. S/He oversees the cultivation of the plant, including all aspects of care such as pest and disease control, fertilization, and irrigation, ensuring that the production cycle becomes successful.

Viticulture Financing

If you’re thinking about starting your own winery, one of the very first considerations you need to look into is financing. Where should you get the money to initiate operation? What are the things involved in applying for a winery loan? Who offers these loans? Do they even exist, in the first place?

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The answer is yes, and in fact, there are many loan programs available today that cater to the needs of the winery business.

You can qualify for 100 percent financing as long as the proposed property’s income can support its debts.

To qualify, your lender will assess your current financial status, basically seeing how much of your income goes to your debt. If your debts are too high to support your debt obligations, your lender might not approve your application, otherwise – and with substantial financial backing – getting the loan you need is fairly easy and definitely feasible.

High demand

Part of the reason why it remains easy for viticulturists to obtain financing for their business is because of the high demand in grapes and its products. Even real estate with vineyards are showing strong appreciations annually. Aside from that, the federal government is also in full support of the country’s farmers and ranchers whose work greatly contribute to the overall economy of the US.

How to get started

Before you decide on getting financing, you need to do some research on other aspects of the wine business such as location, and the potential cost of production. Ask yourself the important questions: will you be able to afford it? Use an online loan calculator to help gauge your finances, and before shopping for possible rates.

You may opt to build from scratch or buy land with an existing one, then set your expansion in time. If you plan to practice viticulture yourself instead of simply hiring an expert to do all the work, then you need to educate yourself on the science and set to practice first-hand. This includes getting well-versed in the technicalities of the process from soil to sunlight, water to the winemaking process itself.

Vineyard Ownership

Owning your own vineyard and making wines for a living can be an exciting and adventurous prospect, but it also takes work. Before you pull out a loan, make sure you’ve considered every aspect of the decision first. Set up a business plan to have a clear direction of your strategy.

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