Small-Scale Beef Cattle Production for Beginners


If you are thinking about starting a small-scale beef cattle production, you have some work to do first. The most successful farms are those that plan. By plan we mean create a business plan that accounts for everything that you may encounter or need to do in order to be successful at beef cattle production.

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Below are some of the top steps you should take before getting started.

Take Inventory

First, consider the resources you have at your disposal. If you don’t have many, you may have to consider the financing first. If you have the following things already, you are ahead of the game:

  • Land
  • Adequate feed
  • Machinery
  • Cattle

If you don’t have these things yet, you will have to first figure out how you will get them and then move forward. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you have to break the bank and buy everything brand new. Consider talking with experienced farmers that may be getting rid of some of their used equipment. You can generally get a much better deal on these items, giving you the inventory you need to get started.

What are Your Finances Like?

Successful beef cattle production takes money. In order to make sure you have enough, take the time to plan. Think of how much money you will need to feed the cattle, maintain the land, and buy or maintain machinery. Don’t try to do this step on your own, though. Enlist the help of an expert, such as your local FSA extension. You can also look online for reputable budgeting tools for beginners.

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What Market Will You Serve?

As a beginner in the beef cattle market, you need to find a niche or an area that has a need near you. Chances are the standard beef cattle needs are met, so you need to find a way to fill a need that still has a void. For example, will you provide organic beef? The demand for this product is getting greater every year, leaving plenty of room for beginners into the market. This is proof that your market research is necessary before getting started. Why try to supply something that is already more than taken care of in your area? Instead, find that niche and claim it as your own to realize success.

Know Your Season

Partnering up with a successful cattle farmer before getting started can help you get to know the specifics of your area. For example, when is the best time for calving season in your area? What is the climate like? This will play a role because if you grow your own feed, you’ll want to breed the calves during the height of the growing season so that there is plenty of food for them to have.

Most importantly, do what you love. Find the aspect of beef cattle production that you love and capitalize on it. You are going to put in the most resources and the most labor when you love what you do. Again, sitting down and creating that business plan is the best way to make sure your cattle production turns out to be as successful as you had once hoped.

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