What are the Most Grown Crops in the US?


The US is known for a large variety of crops, but which crops are the most grown in our country? The US is home to a large variety of farms including vegetable farms, tree nut farms, and row crop farms. Of those farms, though, which produce the most common crops?

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The Number One Crop – Corn

You probably guessed that corn is the top producing crop in the US. It seems like whenever you drive past a farm, you see rows and rows of cornfields. Shockingly enough, most of the corn that is grown in the US is given to the livestock as feed. Corn is also used for a wide variety of food products as well as industrial products.

Cotton – An Important Crop

While we don’t eat cotton, it is an important crop in the US. Corn is a textile fabric. Not only are we a top producer of cotton, but we are also one of the top exporters of this fabric. Cotton brings many jobs to the US and it also helps our economy grow.

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Rice – A Wordily Crop

The US is a top producer of rice, which many people are not aware of. We export the rice around the world. The US grows many types of rice grains including short, medium, and long grain. A majority of the rice grown in the US is for human consumption and a majority of it is grown in California.

Soybeans – An Old School Crop

The US began harvesting soybeans in the 1800s, but it wasn’t until the 1940s that they really began harvesting them more as that is when war damaged most of China’s soybeans. They are grown in almost 30 states and feed millions of livestock every day. They are also used in various foods meant for human consumption.

Wheat – A Winter Crop

The US is the third largest crop grown in the US. A majority of the wheat planted in the US is planted in the fall. The US exports more than half of the wheat that it grows. In the US, wheat is used for bakery products, pasta, bread, and beer.

The crops grown in the US help the economy as they are sold for consumption here as well as exported throughout the world.

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