What Grants are Available for Women Farmers?

Women make up almost half of the agricultural employees in the United States and about 33% of all farmers. Female farmers have an advantage over their male counterparts as they are eligible for a large number of grants to help keep them going.

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Value-Added Producer Grants

The VAPG program offers funds of $75,000 to $250,000. Applicants must compete for the funds by proving how they will invest the funds into activities that will provide results. A few examples include planting organic crops or creating farm products that will be sold locally to stimulate the economy.

American Agri-Women Scholarship and Grants

The AAW helps women start and grow their career in farming. Many of their grants and scholarships require attendance at in-person events where members can apply for and win money to help grow their farming business. The AAW offers specific details on each scholarship or grant guideline and provides guidance on how to qualify.

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Future Farmers of America with Mahindra Tractor

The FFA offers a variety of grants and scholarships for young farmers. In particular, Mahindra Tractor partners with the FFA to offer money to women majoring in agriculture in college. Mahindra Tractor is a farming business that has been around since World War II. They provide four $2,500 scholarships to women each year. They base the award on academics, exam scores, and achievements.

Cheryl Dant Hennesy also partners with the FFA to provide a scholarship for women. Started by the CEO of Tractor Supply Company, they offer three scholarships for $5,000 each. The scholarships are for women going to college for either a two or four-year degree. Women receive up to $1,250 per year and must maintain at least a 2.0 GPA.

Simply Organic Giving Fund

Simply Organic offers grants from the money they receive for their own products. They set aside 1% of their earnings for grants for women farmers. In order to qualify, women farmers must have an interest in and promote organic foods. They put emphasis on women farmers that cater to needy families and helping them implement organic and sustainable food options in their home.

Women farmers have an advantage over male farmers, as there are more grants available for them. If you put in the work to apply for the grants, there is plenty of money to be had.

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