Ag Loan Options Under the Farm Service Agency

Farming in the US has a long and rich history. Our agricultural practices have come a long way from simply feeding our fellow Americans to fulfilling the demand of millions across the globe. Today, US agricultural produce and other food-related output contribute a share of over 5 percent – a total of over $900 billion to the country’s GDP.

Indeed, agriculture is not only a way of life, it has becoming the lifelong vocation for many. These small farm owners – families and individuals alike – and their produce are the lifeblood of the country. That is why, as a show of gratitude, the country does its best to give back for their efforts by offering various opportunities that could support their businesses.

Farm Loan Programs

The agricultural wing of the federal government, the United States Department of Agriculture, via its Farm Service Agency, offers a diverse array of programs that seek to help the country’s farmers in their business maintenance and operation.

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Whether you are a seasoned farmer or a beginner in the industry, there are programs that suit your aims and objectives. FSA’s programs are also especially receptive to “racial and ethnic minority farmers and women producers” as well as young people who are actively involved in agricultural youth organizations needing financial assistance for their own agriculture-related projects.

Even when you’re planning to start a small farm in your own roof, the FSA will accommodate your financing request, championing modern methods of farming, such as those in urban settings.

The following is a summary of the available farm loan programs under the FSA:

Direct Operating Loans

This loan supports a farm’s continuous operations such as purchasing feed and equipment, fertilizers and farm chemicals, insurance, and living expenses. It can also be used to make minor repairs and improvements to your farm buildings.


Small and beginner farmers can lessen their financial operational burdens via microloans. These loans cater to non-traditional, specialty crop and niche type operations and require less paperwork.

Direct Farm Ownership Loans

These loans are mainly used for the purchase of farm or ranch land, construction and/or improvement of existing farm/ranch buildings, and protection of water and/or soil resources.

Guaranteed Loans

If you don’t qualify for standard commercial loans, a guaranteed loan could be your alternative financing choice.

For Targeted Loan Audiences:

Youth Loans

If you are a youth participating in 4-H clubs, FFA , or a similar organization, the FSA’s youth loan can finance your agriculture-related endeavors.

Minority and Women Farmers and Ranchers

This loan programs helps minority groups and women to acquire land for their farm business prospects.

Beginning Farmers and Ranchers

If you’re still new in the farm business and have not operated for more than ten (10) years, chances are, it’s going to be hard for you to qualify for conventional, standard financing programs. In such case, this loan option comes to the rescue to help you obtain the money you need to continue your operation despite your farm business’s tenure.

Specialty Loans:

Emergency Loans

You can never tell when disaster could strike. For farm and ranch operators who have experienced massive loss due to flood, drought, or other forms of natural disruptors, the FSA has got you covered with an emergency loan option.

Native American Tribal Loans

This loan program especially caters to native American individuals who seek to purchase land within the tribal reservation or Alaskan community and initiate their own farming operations.

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The FSA’s ag loan programs are designed to answer to the variety of needs that many American farm operators and ranchers face. Honestly evaluate your financial needs to determine which option suits you best.